Pixel Bands - The first Generative Music + Art NFT on Solana

🎧 Our Vision 🎧

To accelerate music on Solana by building a community of musicians that leverage on-chain tools to create, collaborate, and monetize music.

🔊 Building Value For Musicians 🔊

Musicians are the lifeblood of PixelBands as it relates to PixelBands’ mission to accelerate music on Solana. The value we bring to musicians is the marriage of innovations in royalties distributed through smart contracts on a permissionless and trust-less leger. With a strong and thriving community of artists who are motivated to create, collaborate, monetize, and build an audience we will achieve this mission. Gen1 of PixelBands set out to achieve the primary goal of getting music on chain and creating a smart contract to distribute royalties to creators for the content they have embedded in the project.
Our goal is to build the tools musicians need to mint music NFTs as independent artists as well as enhance existing tools for music creation through the PixelBands Studio and our Holder tool Kit.